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-adds 6 new levels, new story content and new music.

Stupid to live is a free puzzle game that uses your own intuition against you.

You over complicate things, try to find the answers when they’re right in front of you. Looking around the room for the cube that’s in your hands. The answer to every puzzle isn’t obvious because it’s so obvious, that you think it’s not the answer because no answer can be that obvious. Obviously. Stupid to live has 17 unique levels, and a ton of different mechanics, So the game never gets tiring, even after you’ve been stuck on the same puzzle for over an hour.

a custom soundtrack accompanies your journey as you make your way through every room, staircase, and hallway all full of hand drawn pixel art. A wacky story, and random moments of humor, make this game complete. The only part left missing is you. The player.

check out my website to learn more : https://instantstudiogames.wixsite.com/instantstudio/stupid-to-live

Or follow me on twitter : https://twitter.com/Instant__Studio


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Good game! But you should really consider removing that installer.Why put players through so much trouble to access the game?

Are you suggesting a web game? or a rar file with the unity build in it?

A RAR file with the Unity build.. A web implementation would work too! :)

That's what some one else said too. Thanks a ton for providing you feedback. I'll definitely think about it.

It's been quite the cheeky challenge, nice work. :) 

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